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About Us

Meet Our Growing Cast of Lovable Characters!

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Aunt Junk®

Meet Aunt Junk, everybody's favorite aunt, who loves to travel, loves to teach children about health, wellness and our environment, and most of all, Aunt Junk loves to help kids everywhere learn how to respect each other. 

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Jake Poodles®

Meet America's hippest, happiest canine, the one and only Jake Poodles! Known affectionately as JP to his close friends, Jake is a great dancer, teacher, ambassador and up-and-coming TV, internet & movie star! 

Get to know
Manny Cat®

Meet the ever-curious, multi-cultural Manny Cat, a Russian Blue cat who loves to wear his trademark Mexican hat, but it was too big for this picture! Manny Cat is a global ambassador, seeking harmony & peace. 

Get to know
The Rainbow Kids®

Meet The Rainbow Kids, our young team of multi-cultural actors, dancers, and singers, who perform live and on video. The Rainbow Kids began in 2009 in Western Pennsylvania, and have seen by over 1 million people! 

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